Lava fountains spew aggressively from Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano

The Hawaii County Fire Department warned residents of “extremely unsafe air quality conditions due to high levels of sulfur dioxide gas in the evacuation area”.

He gave hope that there might be a chance to return home soon to rescue pets or retrieve valuable belongings, but as of Saturday it was still too unsafe.

New vents haven’t formed in addition to the eight but that could quickly change. There were fractures in a subdivision on the island’s eastern Puna district of wooden homes and tropical plants. Lava flows from the volcano have covered 125 square km, according to the USGS.

“It could be happening for a long time, or on the other hand, like I said, mysteriously it could just end”. Leilani Estates sits along the zone.

Mandatory evacuations remain in place Saturday for about 1,700 Big Island residents after numerous lava vents have opened in the ground.

Video of the home being engulfed by the fast-moving lava was captured and posted on social media by Demian Barrios. Although the quake could be felt across much of the archipelago, the worst shaking occurred in an area with no neighborhoods or businesses.

Officials say 21 homes have now been destroyed in Hawaii by lava flowing from Kilauea volcano, based on an aerial survey by the fire department. More earthquakes and eruptions have been forecast, perhaps for months to come.

The eruption in the Leilani Estates in the lower East Rift Zone of Kīlauea Volcano continues. During this event, lava flowed at 20 yards per hour.

Lava is spewing from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii and it’s already caused damage to five homes.

Amber Makuakane, 37, a teacher and single mother of two, said her three-bedroom house in Leilani Estates was destroyed by lava. The vents initially spewed lava but had calmed down by late Saturday and were only releasing steam and gas.

The southeast corner of the Big Island was rocked by a 6.9 tremor on Saturday, and more earthquakes and eruptions are expected.

The fissures are vents where lava is spurting out of the ground into the air.

“How these eruptions begin – particularly when the cracks are forming and the beginning stages of the eruption – those are really important things for us to observe to figure out how things might happen in our situation”. News, two houses have been burned down by lava coming from the volcano.

The largest so far was a magnitude 6.9 natural disaster that hit midday Friday in the zone of volcanic activity. Officials ordered a rare closure of the park.

“Aftershocks from Friday’s magnitude-6.9 natural disaster continue and more should be expected, with larger aftershocks potentially producing rockfalls and associated ash clouds above Puʻu ʻŌʻō and Halemaʻumaʻu crater”, the spokesperson said. It was the biggest of hundreds of quakes this week and the largest to strike the state in 43 years.

High sulfur dioxide emissions, and the possibility of an explosion triggered by rocks falling into the lake, could put park visitors at a slightly increased – but worrisome, just the same – risk of being exposed to bad air and volcanic ash.


Photo: GettyThe governor of Hawaii has declared a local state of emergency near the Mount Kilauea volcano.

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