40 People and Students Injured When Charter Bus Struck Overpass in Long Island


More than 40 people were injured when a charter bus, transporting high school students, struck an overpass on Long Island on Sunday, April 8, 2018.

The bus was driving eastbound on the Southern State Parkway in Lakeview when it crashed into the overpass. “The top of the bus was sheared off by the impact of the crash,” according to ABC News.

Commercial vehicles, including charter busses, are not allowed to travel on New York State parkways because the bridges are too low to allow them to pass in certain areas.

Many of the injuries were serious and some of the passengers had to be extricated, according to New York State Police Major David Candelaria.

During a press conference, Candelaria said the accident was treated as a “mass-casualty incident.” The Nassau County police and the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department set up a mass-casualty treatment triage and saved lives.

The injuries ranged from broken bones to cuts and scrapes, according to Candelaria.

Two people were seriously injured, five were moderately injured, and the rest were minor.

There were 38 students, five chaperones, and the driver on the bus.

The students were ages 16 to 18 and they were returning from a trip to Europe. They were meeting their parents at a nearby mall when the incident occurred. Police did not say which schools the students were affiliated with.

The bus was from Journey Bus Lines, operated out of New Jersey. The driver was not reportedly from the area and was not aware commercial vehicles were not allowed to travel on the New York parkway. The bridge that was struck was one of the lowest in the entire system.

The driver will be subjected to drug and alcohol tests, according to police.

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ABC News: Bus hits Long Island overpass, injuring high school students

Image Courtesy of Doug Kerr’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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