First Day to Circulate Petitions for 2020: Race for Senate 25 Taking Shape


WEST CHICAGO: Today, Sept. 3, 2019, is the day to start collecting petition signatures for ballot qualification in 2020. In order to get on the ballot in Illinois, a candidate for state or federal office must comply with ballot access laws. Because a candidate must prepare to meet ballot access requirements well in advance of primaries, caucuses, and the general election, the campaign season is in full swing even though the 2020 primary election is March 17, and the general election is over a year away.

We have been watching with great interest as the Illinois State Senate 25 race is taking shape. Two candidates have announced their intention to run for the seat and the difference could not be more striking. One is an unashamed supporter of the president and the other is a very vocal opponent of President Trump. We looked at both candidate’s websites and found some very interesting contrasts.

At we found issues, videos, policy blogs and much more right on the home page. She also has buttons for signing and circulating the petition required for ballot access. “I need your help circulating the nominating petition.  This is a critical step in the process of winning the Senate District 25 seat for the citizens of Illinois.” Jeanette Ward appealed to Illinois citizens. “Please go to my website and download the petition.” Ward’s pro-life voting record and stance against tax increases are well-known from her service as a U-46 School Board member. Also on the site is a clip from her opponent’s announcement for office that is worth a look if you just want the thirty-second story on this race.

WardNext, we visited where the home page and landing page is the donation page so we dug into the site for issues. State Rep. Villa’s record of co-sponsoring and voting for abortion on demand up to and including birth and her votes for tax increases are not mentioned but she does say, “I will fight for adequate and equitable school funding.” She continues.  “I will fight for a public option for healthcare which will increase competition and drive down costs.  We need to provide access to critical women’s health services like birth control and cancer screenings. Healthcare needs to provide equitable treatment for the LGBTQ community and encompass treatments for addiction, mental health services, and emergency services.”

The stage is set for a good debate in Senate 25 that should mirror the presidential race this year when it comes to issues.

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First Day to Circulate Petitions for 2020: Race for Senate 25 Taking Shape added by Jeanette Smith on September 3, 2019
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