Dayton Massacre and Renegade Journalists

The Oregon District mass shooting memorial in Dayton, Ohio was moved after the Dayton Massacre. The structure was in front of Ned Peppers’ bar room in Dayton. Peppers’ stated that after the memorial is moved the business will reopen.

The pandemonium erupted on early Sunday morning, on Aug. 4, 2019. After the massacre, the streets of the Oregon District were dark and tranquil.

Memorials that are all along Dayton’s East Fifth Street are all that survived the blood paved massacre. Twenty-seven people were injured, and nine people were killed in the massacre.

The biggest memorial for the victims is in front of Peppets’ place of business. The small mom and pop business is where the mass shooting took place. The building is on East Fifth Street in Dayton.

However, the owner gave his employees time to rectify and comprehend the tragedy. Also, other business near the site of the massacre exhibited the names of the victims.

Renegade Journalists Run Wild on the World Wide Web

Meanwhile, social media networks falsely reported that they had unearthed bizarre evidence. The media reported that the Dayton Massacre shooter passed away in 2014.

The renegade faction of the media claimed an obituary existed of another Connor Betts. Betts was the Dayton shooter.

He lived in Suffield, Connecticut. The online media firms reported their uncanny theory.

Some members of the media gambled their reputations that Betts’ death was staged. Also, they reported that he had entered the Witness Protection Program. Then, he left in 2019 to commit the violent and bloody massacre.

The implausible theory contained three facts that verified the media’s irritational logic. Although, one piece of evidence was that both individuals had sisters named Megan. Also, they shared the same first and last names. Finally, the two resembled each other.

The unhinged analysts in the media reported that an intricate plot would clearly confuse the premise. However, the conspiracy might have involved a bogus expiry of an individual’s life.

On Feb. 19, 2014, Betts was unfortunately killed in a construction accident. Furthermore, he had just turned 22 years of age. However, the mass shooter’s middle name was Stephen. Therefore, that was a different middle name than the individual who died in the construction accident.

The mass shooter’s sister was born in 1997. He potentially killed his sister in the massacre. Additionally, the departed construction worker’s sister was born in 1986, over a decade before 1997.

In conclusion, the two individuals did not look alike. Also, Snopes reported that the deceased Betts’ family survivors found the comparison deeply resentful.

Anti and Pro-Gun Control Issue

A large and boisterous anti-second amendment crowd shouted at Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. Additionally, the incident happened in the aftermath of the Dayton Mass Shooting. Also, pro-gun and self-defense advocates are concerned about Constitutional rights concerning the Second Amendment in Dayton.

By John A. Federico


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