ICE Deportations and Protests Continue in the US


ICE raids began to storm homes across the United States in late June 2019 to report illegal immigrants and criminals. Since then, people are afraid of going out into the streets, to the park, or to work. Families fear separation in the future.

This has been a big issue in many communities around Chicago. On the Southwest Side neighborhood of Little Village, 26th street was quiet and empty due to the upcoming raids. Residents decided to stay home or out-of-sight for the rest of the afternoon. Little Village also saw a sharp drop in business. The fact that people do not go out anymore affects stores because they do not have any customers coming in. Businessman Adolfo Pena mentions in The Chicago Sun-Times “Business suffers. People are even scared to go to church.”

There have also been rallies and marches in downtown Chicago to protest against the immigration policies of the Donald Trump administration. At Daley Plaza, people held signs that said “Close the Camps,” “Stop Deportations Now,” and “End Detention, Welcome Immigrants.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot appeared on CNN stating that “Chicago police will not help or facilitate efforts by ICE officials.” Several immigrant rights groups ordered the mayor to sign an executive order that would permanently ban the Department of Homeland Security and its agencies from gaining access to city databases. Lightfoot said that she will not sign an executive order even though she promised the city will not serve immigration agents.

While immigrants around the country keep protesting, there are some facts that Democrats are hiding from Americans. Retired ICE Director Tom Homan spoke on Capitol Hill, stating that he wanted Americans to know the facts about the rules and orders of Border Patrol. Democrats refused Homan to speak up every time he tried to correct their lies.

Homan said on Fox News that the Democrats did not wanted to hear the truth from him. He says that the Democrats just wanted to keep telling lies about ICE. Though he was asked to leave, he refused to be silenced and decided to speak to the American people.

Homan argues that if the Democrats abolish ICE, it can result the following: It puts people and police officers’ lives at risk and it can cause a huge rampage.

A situation like this has already occurred. A man tried to burn down an ICE facility in Washington state. He was shot by the police after attempting to burn it down. What the man did not know was that there were workers and undocumented immigrants inside.

These are the facts that Democrats do not want Americans to know according on Homan. Seventy-two percent of the people kept by ICE are arrested by law, which most of them are stopped for committing crimes. Eight-and-a-half out of 10 people that ICE detains are charged for committing a felony, which means that the facility is doing everything to keep communities secure. The facilities have doctors, provide food three times regularly, and all of this is created by professional companies.

Homan believes that the American people will not be safe without ICE arresting people that are to be deported by law.

For years, immigration has targeted undocumented immigrants on worksites, but during Trump’s presidency they started targeting them at homes. Agents started knocking on people’s doors and it could mean deportation. This has left many immigrant families frightened and fearful.

The law states that without a warrant the agents cannot enter people’s homes, advising immigrants to keep their doors closed. But agents have attempted to invade homes by using their bodies or other objects to open doors and detain everyone inside based on an article in The Atlantic. This has increased the number of ICE arrests by 30 percent, making it the largest immigration raid in its history.

Written by Ivan Diaz
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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