Chris Darden Former OJ Prosecutor Quits Nipsey Hussle Case After Death Threats

DardenChris Darden who is best remembered for being the prosecutor for the O.J. Simpson case announced he was quitting working on the Nipsey Hussle Case.

Darden was representing Eric Holder, 29 years old, who has been accused of killing the rapper by shooting him outside of his clothing store on March 31, 2019.

Darden said the reason why he must leave the case was because of threats which were made to his family and children.

Writing a post on Facebook, Darden said that the people contacting him were cowards because they could not face him in person and wrote him online anonymously.

He also said that he could not understand that in 2019 people would deny an African American the right as stated in the 6th Amendment to choose the counsel he desires.

He also could not understand why defending a man like that would make people threaten not only him but also his children.

He also said that he does not think it is funny, even though some may. Adding he will not forget it and his mission will not be deterred.

Eric Holder remains in police custody with bail set at $5m. He has pled not guilty.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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