Officer Holcomb Fired Four Times at Black 14-Year-Old Saying He Had a Gun

OfficerIn March 2019, Police Sgt. Kyle Holcomb from Oklahoma City shot Lorenzo Clerkley, 14 years old four times. Two shots hit Clerkley.

The teenager survived, and Holcomb was put on administrative leave. CNN said he was cleared of any wrongdoing and returned to his position.

Holcomb’s mother Cherelle Lee is not happy how quickly Holcomb was found innocent and wants some questions answered.

Lee told CNN that everything happened quickly, and there was no reason the officer should have fired because he could have killed her son.

On March 10, Lorenzo and five friends went to shoot BB guns after the rain stopped them from playing basketball. The friends had five BB guns, and they went to an abandoned house, and they shot mirrors and other things in the building.

Lorenzo’s gun was empty, and he was shooting into the air. He put down the gun and went outside to look around the backyard.

A 911 call was placed saying that several people were trying to break into the home, and some were armed. The police officers responded to the call, and Officer Holcomb was one of them responding.

When Officer Holcomb shot the teenager, the other officers claimed he had the BB gun with him and when ordered, refused to drop it. Body cam footage was not clear, and it could not be determined if he was holding the gun.

Lorenzo does admit he was playing with the guns with his friends but said he was not holding one when he was shot.

Also, Lorenzo was not given any time to respond to the orders the officer gave him.

Footage from the Body Cam showed officer Holcomb yelling “Let me see your hands. Drop the gun.” at Lorenzo right before he fired four times.

Lorenzo said he went out the window and heard “Freeze!” The officer looked at him and did not give him a chance to do anything. He could not put his hands in the air or do anything else before he fired.

Lorenzo said he felt like the officers treat black children differently from kids who are white. He does not feel like the police officer protects him and are against him.

His mother said that even if her son was holding a BB gun, the officers should have given him the chance to follow the orders.

Dan Smolen, the attorney for the family, said you could hear officer Holcomb say on camera that he thought the gun was a cap gun and he chose to shoot anyway.

Curt Dewberry, Holcomb’s attorney said the shooting was justified. The police union agreed.

Dewberry said that he had not seen anything but the fact the suspect was armed and was fleeing the home when the officers arrived.

John George, the police union representative, said the replica of the handgun looked real. An officer cannot tell the difference. If somebody is pointing a gun at you, your life is in danger, and shooting is justifiable.

Lorenzo said if they gave him the time, he would have obeyed orders. He told CNN if he could talk to officer Holcomb he would say to him; he would have followed what was said. He is not a bad kid. He did not give him time to do what he said.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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