‘The Five’ on what to expect from the Mueller report

William Barr, Rod Rosenstein to hold news conference Thursday morning on release of Mueller reportVideo

William Barr, Rod Rosenstein to hold news conference Thursday morning on release of Mueller report

“The Five” spent time on Wednesday discussing what to expect from Democrats and the news media as Attorney General William Barr releases a redacted version of the Mueller report — a happening set for Thursday.

We already know the top-line conclusion. There was no collusion, matter of fact there was no effort at collusion, and the Russians tried to collude and the Trump team said no,” co-host Dan Bongino said.

“My question going forward, what the heck was Bob Mueller doing for 675 days?”


Co-host and liberal commentator Marie Harf believes President Trump is trying to get ahead of the report and speculated he may be “embarrassed” on Thursday.

“It seems a little bit like he’s trying to pre-empt what he knows will not be a uniformly good report for him. There will be things in this report that are embarrassing, that all of us sitting around this table would say I never would’ve done that if I worked on a presidential campaign. I think Trump knows that and is trying to get ahead of it,” Harf said.

Co-host Jesse Watters said negative information is expected when it comes to a comprehensive report.

“There’s going to be some derogatory information in there. Because this was a very brutally intrusive exam into the administration and the campaign. You’re going to find some flaws and this was undertaken by kind of ferocious and — not sinister but angry partisan Democrats with a lot of liberal pedigree. They are going to find some things, but overall no obstruction, no collusion,” Watters said.


Watters and co-host Greg Gutfeld specifically called out CNN and other key players in the mainstream media for their relentless focus on the Mueller report.

“I just don’t know how CNN is going to handle it because this last week they had the lowest-rated week of all of 2019,” Watters said. “They have a choice to make. Are they going to now report real news about Spygate, or are they going to continue to push fake news? They lost to the Food Network last week, which means people would rather watch a pot boil then watch CNN.”

“It’s really about the Russians and how they manipulated the media, not the voters. The collusion was Russia playing the media for suckers,” Gutfeld said.