Pillsbury Recalls Over 12,000 Cases of Flour Due to Salmonella Concerns

On March 11, 2019, the US Department of Agriculture tweeted on Twitter and wrote on their website Hometown Foods Company voluntarily recalled select All Purpose Pillsbury Unbleached flour due to salmonella contamination concerns.

The 12,185 cases of flour impacted were distributed through a small number of distributors and retailers including Winn-Dixie and Public. The lot codes on the Pillsbury products which were recalled are 8 292 with April 19, 2020, as the use by date, 8 293 with use by date of April 20.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Hometown Food Company have not posted on their website or announced the Pillsbury recall.

Dan Anglemyer, chief operating officer of Hometown Foods Company, said they are working with the FDA to write a press release.

Publix wrote on their website that the Pillsbury flour which was recalled had been distributed through limited distributors and retailers across the United States.

If a consumer owns the flour which is part of the recall, they should call 800-767-4466 to get a coupon for replacement, throw it away, or receive a refund at the store the item was purchased.

If the flour is stored in a container, and do not have the information knowing if the flour is part of the recall, it should be thrown out. Containers storing the flour should be cleaned thoroughly.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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