Dolphins From Dolphinaris Arizona Where Are They Now?

Coral World Ocean Park, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, received the four remaining Dolphinaris dolphins, which were transferred there due to deaths of four animals at the facility in less than two years.

Coral World Ocean Park released a statement to ABC 15 saying that they are giving the dolphins time to adjust to their new environment and build a relationship with their new trainers prior to introducing them to the public.

They also reported the trainers are working hard building relationships and gaining the trust of the new dolphins. The staff is taking the time to learn about their personalities, dislikes, and likes to help them feel more comfortable.

The theme park said they would give the dolphins as much time as they need to become acclimated and are not putting a timeline on how long it will take before they meet the public.

After the death of 22-year-old Kai in Jan. 2019 at Dolphinaris, it was decided the four remaining mammals would be transferred to another facility.

Dolphin Quest who loaned Dolphinaris two dolphins agreed to let them remain with the other dolphins from the facility as they have developed strong bonds. All four dolphins were transferred together to Coral World Ocean Park on Feb.19, 2019.

Dolphinaris which is located on the Indian Community tribal land on Salt River Prima-Maricopa, Arizona is closed for evaluation. There is no set time for their reopening.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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