Dolphinaris Arizona Will No Longer House Animals After Deaths of Dolphins


After four dolphin deaths at Dolphinaris Arizona, OdySea in the Desert released a statement on March 11, 2019, that dolphins will not be part of any attractions being built at their Arizona Dolphinaris facility located near Scottsdale.

Dolphinaris was one of the attractions within the entertainment destination from OdySea in the Desert. However, the dolphin concept is owned by Ventura Entertainment.

Ran Knishinsky, spokesperson for Odysea in the Desert said Ventura Entertainment has brought together a team of 20 people in Mexico to create an attraction for Dolphinaris which does not involve animals and is novel and engaging.

Knishinksy also said OdySea would be part of the discussions on the new attractions, but Ventura will have the final say.

Dolphinaris Arizona spokesperson Jen Smith stated she did not have any further information.

Dolphinaris has been closed since Feb. 8, after Kai, a 22-year-old dolphin died. The facility said they were temporarily closed to evaluate the facility. Since 2016, four dolphins died. There is no scheduled time for a re-opening.

The four dolphins left at the facility were moved to the U.S. Virgin Island theme park Coral World Ocean. It is reported they are adjusting and appear healthy.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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